Those Who Strive for Excellence and Truth

Finding a combination of the high quality education that includes an approach that honors God can be challenging. Having an educational setting where ideas are discussed in the context of a Biblical worldview is a critical aspect to a child’s education. Grace Christian Academy has the solution you have been searching for.

Grace Christian Academy's classical education model provides the foundation of God’s truth, while offering  the time tested classical approach that prioritizes grammar, logic and rhetoric as well as the sciences and math– skills that every Christian child will need as he moves on to higher education and a successful future. 

If you are searching for a Christian school in Northeast Ohio with a classical education model, then please contact us today at 440-749-0954 .

Whether your child is currently in the public school system, homeschooled,or participating in a co-op, Grace Christian Academy can partner with you and your family. Our classes are suited for grades seven (7th) through twelve (12th), with scheduling that includes everything from ala carte classes to a full curriculum. This curriculum is built on a three day program on campus, with Mondays and Wednesdays at home with assigned work and study time. Grace Christian Academy is perfect for those who love their homeschooling as well as those who want to have their child experience a more structured private Christian education.


Contact us today to learn more about how Grace Christian Academy can give your children the education they need to be prepared for success in life